Wine Appreciation Classes


Dany invites you to discover and appreciate wines using the Sensory Method developed by the London-based certification authority Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

This systematic approach to tasting provides a structured way to generate a complete description of the wine. It suggests a common vocabulary that can be used to communicate your perceptions. The first part is purely objective -- how the wine presents itself to your eyes, nose, and palate. The second part teaches you to draw conclusions about the quality of the wine, price/value, readiness to drink, and how it may be partnered with food.


  • LOOK: Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle and look through the liquid from above to check clarity for signs of faultiness, color intensity for signs of identity and aging, and viscosity for signs of alcohol.

  • SMELL: A large part of the pleasure of drinking wine. Swirl the wine in the glass and place your nose near the rim. Note the aromas and their intensity. More than a thousand compounds have been found that contribute to aromas in the wines.

  • TASTE &TOUCH: Take a small tasting sip, draw air into your mouth and coat your cheeks and gums. Components such as acid, tannins, body/alcohol, bitterness contribute to the balance and style of wine and are important factors in pairing wines successfully.



Typically, a class lasts 3 hours. For best results, the class should be conducted for 6 to 8 participants at any location where alcohol consumption is permitted. Here is what you need to host:

  • Table space for each guest to sit comfortably for 2+ hours, with enough space for a 12” x 18” place mat each.

  • Your dishware should include 2 wine glasses of same size and shape, water glass, 6” plate, one fork and one knife.

  • White napkin. One pen.

  • A serving station for decanters, water pitchers, corks, corkscrews.



Prices vary depending on the price of bottles selected. Dany can find bottles of wines for each class based on your budget and expectations. Previous classes have ranged between $200 and $500.

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